The Bottled Light

JJal Jyoti uses an innovative, affordable and simple concept of the 'Bottled Light' to light homes, one litre at a time.

Based on Alfred Moser's idea, the Bottled Light is a clear plastic bottle filled with water. This gets converted into a bulb when installed in a hole of the same diameter in a roof, providing an excellent alternative source of natural light during the day.

To create the solar bottle, all we do is take a 1.25 or 1.5 litre clear plastic bottle, fill it with clean water and about 10 millilitres of bleach to prevent algae growth over time. This is not only cheap to install, but free to run.

Once installed, the solar water bottle works on the principle of refraction of light, lighting up the darkened space.

This bottled light can emit light equivalent to that of a 55 watt bulb during the day time and last for up to FIVE years.

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