Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What are the frequent problems faced by the installation of the Bottled Light?

A : The Bottled Light can sustain itself and continue to emit light for a period of 4-5 years, provided the bottle is left entirely untampered and cleaned with kerosene every few months from the outside. Furthermore, the bottle can only work on the highest floor; ie; a roof which has direct access to sunlight. It cannot be installed in the ceiling of a ground floor apartment. Apart from this, no conditions apply.


Q : Does the roof of the house leak due to the installation of this bottle especially in the rainy season?

A : No. Jal Jyoti uses the highest quality of waterproof, all-weather industrial sealants- Sika, to seal the bottle. The Bottled Light is installed using this glue in a manner to ensure that NO leakages occur. Incase of a stray occurrence, however, the organization's Impact Assessment team (which does routine follow ups) is well equipped to take the necessary steps to remedy any problem.


Q : What is the cost of the Bottled Light?

A : Each Bottle Light costs the organization Rs.200 to make and install entirely. However, Jal jyoti also plans to conduct workshops in these areas to teach people how to install the Bottled Light themselves, as well as involve the women of a few communities in the production of the Bottled Light.


Q : Can you explain the technology behind the working of the Bottle Light?

A : The Bottled Light works on the simple principle of refraction of light. Sun's rays are absorbed by the portion of the bottle exposed to sunlight, refracted within the water in body of the bottle, and are transmitted from the entire portion of the bottle below the roof thus emitting light. For more details visit our website www.jaljyoti.org


Q : Why is the Bottled Light beneficial?

A : The Bottled Kight is a sustainable source of energy. Not only is it cheap to install, it is also free to run. You can't get more eco-friendly than recycling plastic bottles for a steady source of light in the day time!


Q : Where does Jal Jyoti see itself in the future?

A : Jal Jyoti's goal is to not only to provide households with this unique Bottled Light but to empower them with the skills and the technical know how to carry forth this project on their own. The organization wishes to have expanded across at least 5 states in India over the next two years.


Q : How does Jal Jyoti fund its Activities?

A : Jal Jyoti functions largely on sponsorships, as well as on personal donations. Jal Jyoti is registered under the Community Health Research Programme Charitable Trust and all donations are tax-deductible under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.


Q : How is the Bottled Light made?

A : The empty Coke bottle is fixed into a fibre glass sheet which in turn is fixed into the roof of the house and sealed with Sika glue. Jal Jyoti regularly hold workshops for bottle making which are separate from the on site installations.


Q : Does the Bottled Light work at night as well?

A : Unfortunately, it does not. The principle behind the light being emitted from the bottle is refraction of the sun's rays. The bottle is incapable of storing light energy or functioning on moonlight! However, we are currently developing the product to accommodate for this.


Q : How does Jal Jyoti plan on maintaining the bottle?

A : The organization's Impact Assessment team makes regular trips every few months to past installation sites for both customer feedback as well as to check for any discrepancies.

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